My Story

Shannon Hennessy’s grandmother was Isabel Levesque, a well-known local artist. For years prior to her death Isabel would tell Shannon that she had artistic talent, and would offer to give Shannon art lessons. Shannon’s life was very full during those years, being a wife, raising two daughters (and dogs), working as a legal secretary and then as a realtor, constantly decorating her own house and helping friends to do the same. 

After Isabel passed away, Shannon helped her mother to sort out the house and the estate, including of course the art and the art supplies.

Armed with and inspired by her grandmother’s brushes and paints Shannon starting painting herself. She did take lessons for a while, and slowly developed her own style. In November 2014 Shannon brought a few paintings to a small local art show, worrying about her reception. To her amazement she sold one to the first person to view them. Shannon’s only regret is that she did not start painting while her grandmother was still alive. Isabel would be very proud.



All of my paintings are gallery 1.5 inch canvases with sides finished and ready to hang, no need for a frame. 

All paintings come alive with texture, that you can both see and feel, sculpted and molded using a variety of mediums and palette knives. 

I've started a new series called "Big Bark". Lots of texture and metallic paints that show through from under the "birch bark" all under a high gloss finish which brings out all the texture and sheen of the paints. They are available in any colour or size you would like